Securities Trading

We provide our clients (institutional and retail) with the best-in-class equities trades’ execution using our wealth of experience, coming from years of active trading on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and on NASD OTC Exchange. Other related services include Investors relations, Share certificate management, dividend management and transmission of shares.

Broker to Public Offerings

As sponsoring stockbrokers to companies intending to list their shares/bonds on the trading floor, we are well positioned to build strong investor support and ensure a successful floatation for clients by providing sound advice based on our expert knowledge of the workings of the secondary market. This service is targeted at companies seeking to issue equity or debt in the new issues market. We help them to liaise with the regulatory agencies (the NSE and the SEC) and ensure that all the regulatory requirements are met in a timely fashion.

Portfolio Management

We have a long and rich history of providing bespoke investment management services as well as managing equity portfolios of our Institutional Clients and HNIs. We manage clients’ investment with a view to growing their wealth, manage their portfolio and achieve their stated investment objectives.

Investment/Financial Advisory

Our advisory services are designed to assist our customers secure maximum returns on their investments. We identify and advise clients on possible areas of viable investments with positive Net Present Value.

Nominee Services

Holding shares and other similar assets on behalf of clients. Nominee service is an intermediary ownership that allow us to hold shares on behalf of investors (the beneficial owner) under trust-type contractual relationships. A nominee shareholder holds shares registered in its name in favor of another person, the beneficial owner. The tedious monitoring or claiming of dividends, bonus issues and shares certificates.

Market Research

Market research and intelligence are integral parts our business. We provide our clients with daily market reports as well as periodic company, industry, and economic reports to help them correctly navigate their investment path.

Online Services/Trading

Our online platform (PAC Tradebook) enables users to buy and sell stocks online through the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and manage their portfolio from anywhere at any time.

In a fast paced world, opportunities appear on the go and only the fastest and quickest are rewarded at the end of the day. With the ability to trade real time anywhere anytime, using the PAC Tradebook, users can take advantage of these opportunities as they appear in market.