About PAC Securities

PAC Securities is a Dealing Member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and one of the successful brokerage firms in Nigeria, having participated in many high-profile transactions in the industry.

We offer brokerage/financial services to a broad spectrum of clients including Institutional Investors, Multinationals, Public Sectors, High net-worth individuals and Retail Investors. Our services are planned for organizations and individuals who wish to invest in the Nigerian Capital Market as well as some selected African Capital Markets.

As we continue to build a robust and well-diversified portfolio base, leveraging on opportunities in both equities and fixed income market, we are strongly committed to market innovation driven by technology with solutions such as the PAC TradeBook. With the PAC TradeBook, clients have greater access to their investments.

We are customer centric, fostering long-term relationships with all our stakeholders whilst ensuring our customers’ objective is foremost in our mind. The Company is a subsidiary of PanAfrican Capital Holdings Limited, a Proprietary Investment Company with special focus on key sectors across Africa including Financial Services, Hospitality & Entertainment, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Agro-Allied and FMCG, Healthcare and ICT & Media. PAC Securities is duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Broker/Dealer.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Competences

  • Management policies, strategies and procedures

  • Monitoring stock performance and the economic and business environments that affect them

  • Advising clients on market sensitivities likely to influence share/Bond price movements

  • Portfolio management.

  • Providing general investment and financial advisory services

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