Our Style

The needs and objectives of our clients take center point of our activities at PAC Securities since our overall objective is to exceed our clients' service expectation; we start our process with our clients by profiling them and analyzing their needs. The aim is to confirm what is important to them; their current financial circumstances; attitude to risk; investment objectives and the time horizon within which to achieve these objectives. Clients of PAC Securities benefit from our strong market insight, presence in major cities, risk management resources and analytic rigor that drives our institutional relationship. Over time, we realized that determining the needs and investment objective of every client is important in the growth of our business, we thereby formulate our strategies to ensure we deliver customized service aimed at achieving our clients' overall investment objectives within the pre-determined time period. The following advantages are available to our clients over their transactions:

  • Prompt execution and communication of trades
  • Availability of alternative investment windows
  • Access to quality research covering macro-economic, equity and industry analysis
  • Competitive pricing of securities transactions
  • Quality service delivery
  • Effective staff/client relationship